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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? ..If you really love that special someone...

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What’s up with love? A simple question that lead me to another complicated questions rather than the answer. But I got some idea about love and I would like to share an entry which was taken from another blogger (credits to who took it from just soo beautiful that we had to share it..

Enjoy the story..

There’s a quote from Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime that I love the most. It sounds like this

‘ If the Moon can linger in the morning so bright, why can’t the Sun do the same at night?’

As I was walking back from my clinical rotation in Bons Secours Hospital today, the day was very beautiful and sunny, so I looked up to the blue sky spotted with white fluffy clouds to enjoy every moment of it and I realized the moon is still there not even hiding behind the clouds at 11.30 a.m.

And so I remembered the quote from the movie and yes, it’s true. The Moon even lingers up till noon when the day is very sunny. But it would not even appear on a gloomy rainy day when the Sun is hiding not showing himself. So I started to have this kind of imagination and fantasy about the Sun and the Moon.

For me, I always think,
 the Sun as a male as it portrays the Masculine features of strong, bright but sometimes could be very vulnerable. The Moon on the other hand is the female, with endless beauty, very serene to look at but could be very lonely. They made a very good and perfect couple, like it was destined from Heaven.

Have you ever thought that the Sun and the Moon are actually lovers? Why not? I mean because the Sun and the Moon are just like Adam and Eve. Without the Sun, the Moon will never exist to us as it only reflected the light from the Sun. So did Eve who was made from Adam’s rib, created to fill the spaces between Adam’s fingers. What a lovely couple the Sun and the Moon are, just like how lovely Adam and Eve were. Both couples were created in Heaven to shine upon all the mankind. It’s just that the love of the Sun and the Moon existed much longer before the love of Adam and Eve and their love persisted until today.

If the love of Adam and Eve is brought down from one generation to the next and the love breed filling every corner of the earth from the seed of love of Adam and Eve, the Sun and the Moon is different. Their love existed from the beginning of the world till the Day of Judgment and it will never change and it will never breed.
 Human’s Love blossoms from loyalty but can be full of cheat, treacherous and bitter to each other. But the Sun and the Moon always loyal to each other since the dawn of time up till now. Their love just never fades away like our love. That is the true power of Love.

Sadly, the Sun and the Moon live in separation. Never be able to live together like we did. No matter how strong their love is, they are not destined to be together in this lifetime. The Sun will appear on the day to shine on the mankind but the Moon can only appear in the night to entertain the heartbroken ones. One day the Moon said to the Sun,

“Oh My Love, you shine on the humans and made them happy for the rest of the day, and I will entertain them and give them a sense of peace and happiness in the night while they are making love, but truly I am lonely myself. You are never in my company. Will we be able to hold hands together like the human did?”

And so the Sun replied

“ Oh My Dear, I’m not trying to shine on them, but rather I’m shining my love on you so that you are not lonely. My light will make you glow beautifully and your beauty will make every eyes of the girls filled with envy and jealousy. We live in a world apart but I will always shine my love for you forever until The Lord Almighty bring us together in the Heaven”

The Moon is satisfied with the answer but never content with it. She loves the Sun so much that it is unbearable for her to live in separation.

One day, the Moon thought to herself, my heart must never falter and I must be strong in order to be with the Sun. From today on, I will linger on the sky until morning just to see the Sun even if it’s only for a while. The Moon was trying to show and prove her endless love to the Sun. So she stays every morning until noon just to have a brief moment with the Sun even her light is never the same as the night time. Her beauty is fading by the morning and she is sad that she cannot show the Sun her beauty. Even both of them appear on the same morning, they can only look at each other from a distant. They can never be closed enough to hold hands or to embrace each other tightly. Even so, the Moon was very happy because they got to see each other. Sadly for the Sun, he can only see the pale face of the Moon starring at him every morning, not that brightly glowing and the beautiful Moon. So the Sun asked the Moon

“Oh My Love, why do you look so pale and sad?”

The Moon replied

“Oh My Love, I’m sad because I can’t be with you and above of all, I’m pale because you are shinning so bright. You showered me with so much love that it caused me so much pain just to think that I’m not with you”

The Sun is confused so he asked the Moon

“Oh Love, do you want me reduce my love for you so that you can light up the morning sky with your glow and smile?”

Listening to that, the Moon said quickly

“ Oh My Love, Never. If you don’t shine your love on me then I will forever be in the dark even at night and the scar on me will never heal”

So the Sun and the Moon continue to live like that. The Sun will shine the earth every day and when the night comes, the lonely Moon will try to cast the loneliness of the humans away. They got to see each other every morning and then they’ll be separated again. So the Moon is becoming greedier. She longs for the Sun every moment and watching him from a far every morning is not enough anymore.

So, the Moon asked the Sun again

“ Oh My Love, If i can linger in the morning so bright, why can’t you do the same at night? If you are present at night, I can always show you my beauty“

Hearing to the question, the Sun becomes clueless and don’t have the answer himself. He also wonders why can’t he shine at night. After giving some thought about it, the Sun replied;

“ Oh my Dear, have you forgotten the Words of Allah from the Holy Book of Al-Quran? “

So the Sun recited a verse of Al-Quran from Az-Zumar verse 5

He has created the heavens and the earth with truth. He makes the night to go in the day and makes the day to go in the night. and He has subjected the sun and the moon. Each running (on a fixed course) for an appointed term. Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.

Listening to the verse, the Moon burst into tears and asked for Forgiveness from the Lord Almighty as she was trying to defy the rules of creation. Allah has made their destiny as so. She realizes that she could never be together with her beloved Sun. All she can do is to watch him from a far with pale, and sad eyes.

To ease the sadness of the Moon, the Sun then recited a verse from Al-Qiyamah, verse 8

and the sun and moon will be joined together (by going one into the other or folded
up or deprived of their light).

“Oh My Love, there will be time when we will be together. Please be patient “,the Sun said.

So the Moon and the Sun has been waiting and waiting until the Lord Almighty wishes them to meet each other.

The Sun and The Moon’s love is a very tragic love. Loving each other but never able to be together. There’s always that kind of love in this life that will never be able to be together in this world and surely Allah will grant your love wishes in the Heaven. Fate is in the Hand of Allah and Destiny is Allah’s haq for his servants. There will be time when your love will be realized.
 If Dunia Cinta is not for you, then Syurga Cinta is waiting for you. Adam and Eve met in Jabal Rahmah after years of searching and Allah fulfilled their love wishes. Just like the Sun and the Moon. Their love is destined to be together on the Day of Judgment. Allah has promised in Al-Qiyamah, when the Day of Judgment occurred is the time when the Sun and the Moon will meet. Oddly for them, in the chaos of the end of the world is the time for them to be happy forever.

For the love that is never to be realized in this world, I’m praying to God to give us the strength to be patient until the love comes to realize in the Paradise full of Happiness. Just wait like how the Sun and the Moon has been waiting for each other from the beginning of the world until the End of the World. Whenever you are tired of waiting, think of how long the Sun and the Moon have been waiting.

Remember Allah’s promise to those who are patient;

And those who remain patient, seeking their Lord’s Countenance, perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and spend out of that which We have bestowed on them, secretly and openly, and defend evil with good, for such there is a good end.
 (Ar-Rad, 22)

And also, for the unmarried couple who are so in love with each other, there’s a boundary of which you can’t cross. Never to touch what is not yours. Never take it too far until you are lost with love of lust until it became Nafsu Cinta. Just like the Moon and the Sun, they wait with patient for the time, so you should do the same. Your time will come when you tie the knot and you can touch whatever that is yours.
 Love is a form a Test from Allah. The lovey dovey thing would be for nothing and fruitless if it’s not purify with Ikhlas only for Allah’s sake. You want to harvest the sweetest fruit (pious children) coming out of your love. If you fail the test of love, then you would not reach the Paradise, do you? Patient is definitely what being tested in love. And those who are pious should be able to excel the test well. First Class Honors maybe.

Do you think that you will enter Paradise before Allah tests those of you who fought (in His Cause) and (also) tests those who are As-Sabirun (the patient)?
 (Ali-Imran, 142)

A woman is only halal for you when you marry her.
 Even if you change your Facebook status countless time, announcing you are now in relationship with that girl or that boy, nothing ever changes between you and her. Both of you remains ‘Haram’ for each other. So does engagement. Engagement would not automatically says she is ultimately yours. As I said before, marriage is the only way that you and your loved ones can act, live and love as a couple.

Allah Said in Al-Quran :

Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils).(Al-Isra’, 32)

And the Prophet described what is the form adultery from the Hadith

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: I did not see anything so resembling minor sins as what Abu Huraira said from the Prophet, who said, “Allah has written for the son of Adam his inevitable share of adultery whether he is aware of it or not: The adultery of the eye is the looking (at something which is sinful to look at), and the adultery of the tongue is to utter (what it is unlawful to utter), and the innerself wishes and longs for (adultery) and the private parts turn that into reality or refrain from submitting to the temptation.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Love is a funny thing, can be dangerous, can be tricky, can be a-long-tiring-endless-waiting, but if you love the right way you will surely touch the Heaven of Earth and the Heaven in the Hereafter.


So what do u guy think? got some idea about love or it just make your mind even more puzzling? As for me, love is something so pure and so divine...but nevertheless, very complicated and confusing. haha...btw, hope you guys enjoy the reading and earn the love as you deserve. Cheers~!



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